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  1. Color Cocktail

    Color cocktail is an online fashion brand in India: our motto is ” look great n have fun!”
    Color cocktail as the name suggests is a delightful mix of colors, style, fashion, quality and value.
    We at Color cocktail believe that every woman has her own style. Our collection aims at enhancing
    her unique style and attitude at work , home and play and make her look as beautiful as she is from inside!!
    We felt that there is a great void in indian fashion market as far as international trends and individual styling goes.
    Women are forced to choose from the limited cuts, silhouttes and stylings available therefore smart clothing is the need of the hour and here we are bringing the fashion right product at your doorstep!
    We believe that fashion should be affordable so that we do not think twice when it comes to matching steps with fast moving trends.


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